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Prasonisi lies at the southest part of the island of Rhodes. Prasonisi consists of two bays, the eastern and the western. In the middle of the two bays in Prasonisi there is the magnificent sand beach of Prasonisi, which separates the two beaches and makes the land scape look absolutely fantastic.

video1 At the eastern side of Prasonisi you can go swimming, while you can take your first steps in windsurfing. The west side of Prasonisi is always wavy and that's why it is considered appropriate and suitable for experienced and professional surfers.

The wind in the area of Prasonisi usually reaches 4 to 6 Beaufort, but most of the times it goes over 7 due to etesian winds.

In the area of Prasonisi there is a training centre for those who want to learn closer about water sports and windsurfing. For the experienced ones there is equipment for rental.


video2 At the special Taverna Light House in Prasonisi you can enjoy traditional greek dishes after swimming.

You can taste the wide variety of fresh fish, octapus, squid (kalamari) and shellfish all barbecued, lobster, crawfish and much more seafood.

Fresh meat, greek sausage and a variety of freshly made salads are also available.

In the morning you can enjoy your breakfast along with the sunrise so that you start your day with healthiness and lineliness.

In the afternoons along with the sunset you can taste the traditional greek coffee at Taverna Light House in Prasonisi as well as any other coffee you desire.


Prasonisi Light House Rooms to Let promise to make you feel at home away from home! There is air conditioning, kitchen, personal bathroom and balconys for all rooms and most importantof all: the rooms are all by the sea.

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  • Ocean Palace Rooms
  • Asimenis Cottages Katavia Village
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Enjoy your vacation at Prasonisi Light House Rooms to Let and have an unforgetable summer time at the captivating Prasonisi. The personnel of Light House will be there to help you feal like your second home. Hospitality is of our main advantages and one of the main reasons that many guests visit us again and again.